Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions are modified from time to time, and therefore dealing with us is an acknowledgment and agreement that the terms and conditions have been read and agreed.

Umraat platform or we or us refers to the Umraat platform and it is a registered trademark in the trademark system.

'Service' means the reservation service for various products and services which are made available from time to time by Suppliers. 'Supplier' means the place of residence (eg: a hotel, apartment, or broker) and also means of transportation (eg: plane tickets, car rental, airport pick-up and drop-off services.

We provide the ability to book integrated packages, transportation, hotel rooms, suites, hotel and furnished apartments, including all fees and taxes, through direct association with service providers or through links with suppliers.

By making a reservation through any of the reservation channels on the Umraat platform, a direct contractual relationship with you (legally binding) will be established, and we will act as an intermediary only, as we refer the details of your reservation to the suppliers related to your reservation, and send you a confirmation email on behalf of the supplier.

We cannot be responsible for any errors (including graphic and typographical errors), or for any interruption (whether due to any breakdown, repair, development or maintenance of systems (temporary and/or partial) or otherwise). Nor can we be responsible for inaccurate, misleading or incorrect information, or for failure to deliver information.

Each supplier remains responsible at all times for the accuracy, completeness and correctness of the (descriptive) information (including pricing and availability) displayed.

Providing the Umraat platform with correct and accurate information, and that the customer makes the full payment for the service before completing the reservation, and the customer must review the terms and conditions and terms of modification and cancellation, adhere to all security and travel regulations, including, but not limited to, carrying valid travel documents.

The customer is fully responsible for his arrival/departure to/from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as per the booked schedules. The customer shall bear any penalties or denial of service due to late departure.

Umraat platform is not responsible for the accuracy of the specifications, description and form of the services provided as described by the provider.

Umraat platform is not responsible for the rejection of the customer's visa and its consequences.

The customer must abide by the general laws and respect the culture of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Umraat Platform is not responsible for any flight delay or other service failure resulting from a Force Majeure incident.